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My master taught me a technique (much like black magic) which can be used to attract people with your eyes. Not only that it sort of gives you a magnetic power to pull in.

I know most of us probably don’t believe in black magic or anything like it. But this technique is not exactly some typical spell casting or witchery.

learn black magics

In the eastern, Islamic and even Hindu culture there are believed to be other forms of knowledge which are normally hidden from us. The knowledge of numbers and astrology come within this category.

This technique, to attract people towards you just by looking at them, comes from the same realm. It’s kind of like a training for your eyes. This may sound unrealistic but believe me it does work if done properly.
Here’s what you have to do:

Take a blank white piece of paper
With a marker draw a small back spot in the center (about 0.5-1 cm)
Stick this paper on a wall using some glue (the dot should be level with your eyes while standing)
Now stand about 8- 10 feet away from the wall
Look at the dot
Keep looking at the dot using all your concentration
Don’t look at anything else
Do this practice daily for about 10 min
Do this for about a month or more if you like (after this there are other steps in the technique)

Some tips:

Try finding a wall that doesn’t have any other marks
The wall should preferably be white
Remember to put all your focus on the dot don’t be distracted
Try to clear your mind of every thought while doing this technique

Other benefits of doing this:

As you might have already guessed this technique will help improve your concentration and focus
It can also help you in meditating
remove vashikaran

This step is actually the first in a 3 step technique. In the complete technique you would progress from watching a dot to watching a candle flame and then to watching the moon each for a few months. It is also said that when you start to watch the moon you start seeing horrible faces which try to scare you and distract you but you can’t be scared or distracted by them because if you are then you would either become very ill or may even die. Only when you pass the last stage without being afraid do you truly get the full benefits of this technique.

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